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Speaking of Kawaguchi , is famous city in the such as boat races and Auto Racing , Speaking Nishikawaguchi , most people will think the answer to the ” red-light district ” . Former Nishikawaguchi in your local service of selling this Salo called ” NK flow” , the arrangement is also of sex shop more than 200 stores in its heyday , you may have heard Maybe you crowded with that kind . Such Nishikawaguchi the current ( now) will ‘s going on is either .

Currently around Nishikawaguchi it has become to any atmosphere ?

Nishikawaguchi Ichibangai


Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture Namiki chome in certain JR Nishikawaguchi ( Keihin-Tohoku Line ) is strengthening the crackdown on illegal sex shop from around 2003 , now has many stores are caught .

And now as significant also decline of the shopping mall at the same time . Once Nishikawaguchi that was said to have a ghost town has been in and out of the rumors that are now have a new Chinatown of .

Upon entering the person at the back , it is said have become streets , such as Chinese and other multinational people of the city . Signboard , etc. , such as restaurants and karaoke shops also there are also those made in ” for the Chinese people .”

There is a strong image as now even should be noted that ” sex Street” , are many who answer Omiya or Nishikawaguchi Speaking of Saitama Prefecture of manners ( soapland and boxes Hell Deriheru ) .

In such Nishikawaguchi suburbs , it may also be featured on television in the spot other than sex .

But it had been also featured in the video , even a strong image of ♪ I much red-light district is baked Shumai is very delicious , gourmet spot but it is information that does not take off ! So , it will also introduce Lunch Recommended !

5 election lunch gourmet can recommend in Nishikawaguchi !

The peripheral station of Nishikawaguchi , including the Chinese restaurant of long-established , ramen shop , sushi , etc. rich gourmet shops have gathered . Since the Retty and eat many also relatively high evaluation shop also in the log , we will introduce the shop that once would want to go . In addition , since there has been eateries in range to walk a little more around the station as a point , I think that whether Chikashii also to the fact that the shop = reputation shop is doing long without ‘s station Chica .

Seafood chicken out ramen ” Mensho Arisa “

Mendokoro Arisa


Eat salt of high appraisal. Many seafood + take soup stock in reviews of the log such as ramen is a habit .

Super horse Dandan noodles ” Eikichi “



Nerigoma and chili oil will also eat Dandan noodles there is a homemade commitment .

Cheap and delicious sushi can eat ” good sushi “

Yoshi Sushi


Just a long-established sushi from the train station . The store is also a private room in a calm atmosphere .

Delicious hearty Chinese ” Jin come “



At the shop of traditional Chinese and Mr. atmosphere , with lots of vegetables end face is eaten .

Hamburger , steak , ” Mr. Chef “



Here is also of high evaluation generous , is Nishikawaguchi Western shop . Price is also recommended with or have deals set menu . Others , even in such as in a shopping mall of Nishikawaguchi There are several dining options , but I feel ramen and Chinese are particularly large .

There are beautiful hotel full of luxury and deals feeling Nishikawaguchi !



And say love hotel near Nishikawaguchi , might not have a very good image and a lot is somewhat old-fashioned hotel , it’s there is also such a beautiful hotel ! The hotel was able to in 2013 ” Nishikawaguchi love hotel UNO ( Uno ) ” is , in front Nishikawaguchi , access is good and famous at a reasonable price ◎ 24 hours a day , decorated with beautiful hotels of appearance both , good reputation many , it is once people who stayed are often those who are repeaters . In addition , with respect to fee system and there is also free time of weekends and holidays there is also a break rate plans also at night , late at night while a love hotel , not only for those who use the sex shop , many also take up to a couple and you alone of It is like . Types of rooms There are three patterns in the difference of the bathroom .



The above is only room A type of shower , has become a room that can be available cheaply all 10 rooms , most . It is popular with those who make available in the rest of the short period of time only .



Compact bathroom of the B type , size is compact making it possible to soak in the bathtub . It recommended just for those who want to also finish cheaply not enough people in and use fee shower ♪



The third type C, the most among the UNO large room with spacious bathroom, also further large LCD TV equipped. Free time and is a long period of time is recommended for use. Since the C-type rooms are popular, that of the many people to be reserved in advance.

Unlike typical fashion hotel, because it is directing the lighting vice stylish adult space, making it the perfect hotel to spend laid back.

Also amenities that are happy for the girl has been enhanced.

But I think many people equipment and say cheap hotel is have the image that is not so much rich, such as PS3 and humidifier, air cleaner, its side hotel to be placed have not such women happy facility of full is!

Other, is yet delicious a lot also menu of food and drink. Such a place is also a high reputation.


Easy to use fee , and those who want to taste the calm atmosphere in the beautiful will recommend certainly once available ♪

Cheap reasonable hotel Details ⇒ Nishikawaguchi is ( can be from one month before the time of the reservation * ) ” HOTEL UNO

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