Satisfied with the change? I like to change the shop number one sex Miss customer

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“The word “”change””, but it is the words that you do not want to hear the most is for people of sex Miss. The moment you opened the door in the previous entrance towards making a smile for the business and thought, “”Ganbarou!””,

“”… I’m sorry. Do not do get back home today?””
Shock when it was said. It does not say anything. About a girl who has been pampered with the “”I cute”” until now, I think in shock is large? This “”change””, a lot of people

– Because no cute
– Because was not a type of customer
Of as-I thought because was not a child
That these seem to think that’s what happens in the reason. I had also thought so.

But what now is so is also increasing customer to change the “”pretty good style girl shop number one””. Will such does that mean?

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Reason to change the style of the preeminent cute child
The same phenomenon also occurs in the cabaret
Do not care be change
Reason to change the style of the preeminent cute child

Far from never anyone has been change, wherever he went

“”I really cute ~””
“”It’s like a dream for you to come is this child.””
“”And because the absolute nomination””
Actual situation daily occurrence of the girl is change that is multiplied by the words Nante. Do you change the heck what customers cute child?

Mood is no longer ‘s
– Became busy
I-cute was not a type
It’s not this kind of thing. Dare is that “”to change just because insanely cute””. I thought, “”???”” when I heard this. “”Do not you have called to want to be a cute child and etch?”” He said.

Wow, “”dare change customer”” is was the ultimate “”do S customers.””

Apart neither handsome, nor cute child and etch can be opportunities in daily life. Such customers, is to change thinking, “”I want to see the cute girl under their own. I want to taste the humiliation.”” To this transformation de S customer is not also not etched, as cute if Kawaikere, it is that the increase in the pleasure of when the change. So instead an ordinary customer in terms of “”I’m glad to come cute child”” is not the but the I think, I think you have distorted still somewhere …

The same phenomenon also occurs in the cabaret

Also in cabaret, it will happen the same kind of thing. Says a friend of the original hostesses, had said, “”there are customers who return to the happy on profusely sharp””. Or instructions to the cute girl in the number one, or yelled. Normally After taking such attitude to the cute girl, what is misplaced anger is the punch line.

But their own in the “”shop girl us to service”” that customs and cabaret are There are customers to misunderstand’m position of the upper. Certainly it might be a top as a “”position to be service””, but it seems not a few customers out on great attitude only to the respective here.

Of course overkill it is NG, but because they happen to drop a lot of money to the shop only to such customers, I’ve heard that often also the shop side can not be completely NG in the extent to which the note. The annoying girl suffering I’m a girl … been plagued by such customer is actually more likely. Customs also cabaret club is also yes, because somehow become Speaking to clearly staff and Boy’s Once customers have that you do not want involved, “”I need your help by NG””, but please try to deal Tara too awful!

Do not care be change

When working in the night of the world, we will meet in a special customer. It is not to worry about the person’s behavior that does not have a heart. To survive, it is “”that you do not care.””

If so can flow with the “”I’m there even such a person””, makes it easier to also work. Always it might shock When you are suddenly referred to as a “”change”” to have been pampered, but please try to sink you encounter if the “”Do not I have also this kind of transformation guests”” and kidnapping ^^”

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